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Ashlynn Rae Lashes

.02 Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

.02 Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

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Elevate your lash artistry with our NEW .02 Cashmere Velvet Mega Volume Lashes! We are obsessed with these Ultra-fine, feather-light lashes. With their matte-black finish they blend seamlessly with the  natural lashes and are perfect for creating stunning and dramatic lash looks. Made with premium quality materials, these eyelash extensions are designed for professional lash artists who demand nothing but the absolute best.

Our .02 cashmere velvet mega volume lashes are meticulously crafted to ensure consistent curl, thickness, and length. They are ultra-lightweight, making them comfortable to wear while keeping the natural lashes healthy. Not only are these lashes easy to apply, but they also have excellent retention properties. With their matte black finish, our .02 cashmere velvet mega volume lashes will blend seamlessly with the natural lashes.

  •  Velvet Softness: These lashes are a sensory delight. Made from the finest cashmere velvet synthetic fibers, they are unbelievably soft and velvety to the touch. Your clients will experience ultimate comfort while wearing them.
  • Ultra-Fine .02 Diameter: The .02 diameter offers the thinnest lash extensions available, resulting in a beautifully natural and lightweight appearance. Achieve incredibly soft, volume lashes that blend seamlessly with natural lashes.
  • Effortless Volume: Creating volume lash sets has never been easier. With our .03 Cashmere Velvet Volume Lashes, you can craft multi-dimensional, voluminous lash looks with precision and grace.
  • Reliable Curl: Each lash boasts a carefully calibrated curl that adds depth and dimension to the eyes. These lashes hold their shape impeccably, ensuring that your lash designs remain stunning over time.
  • Comfortable and Weightless: Thanks to their ultra-thin diameter, these lashes are virtually weightless, making them suitable for clients with sensitive eyes or those who desire a comfortable lash extension experience.
  • Customizable: These lashes give you full creative control. Whether you're aiming for a natural enhancement in 8-10D, dramatic glamor in 25D, or creating texture by creating spikes, the .02 Cashmere Velvet Mega Volume Lashes adapt beautifully to your artistic vision.
  • Variety of Lengths: Choose from a variety of lengths to fulfill your clients' unique preferences and style requirements.

  • Faux mink
  • Velvety soft
  • Jet black 
  • Cashmere
  • 16 rows per tray
  • 100% vegan
  • Cruelty free
  • Curls: C, CC, D
  • Lengths: Single lengths trays 8-16mm & Mixed length trays 8-16mm
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