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Ashlynn Rae Lashes

Lash Tile Box

Lash Tile Box

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Simplify and speed up your lash application process with our meticulously designed Lash Tile Boxes. The key to lash perfection is organization, and these boxes provide the ideal solution to hold multiple strips of lashes, making your lashing process smoother and more efficient.

Optimize Your Lash Service: The right tools can make all the difference. Our Lash Tile Boxes are the perfect addition to your lash workspace, ensuring that you have quick and easy access to multiple lash strips, streamlining your lash applications.

Color Variety: We believe in personalization. These boxes are available in multiple vibrant colors, including Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Neon Orange. You can select the color that best suits your style or even get one for each curl type, making organization even easier.

Transform your lash workspace and elevate your lash service with Ashlynn Rae Lash Tile Boxes. It's time to make your lash applications more efficient, stylish, and enjoyable.

Choose your favorite color or collect them all to enhance your lash workspace. With these boxes, you'll have the organization and efficiency you need for flawless lash sets.

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