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Ashlynn Rae Lashes

Smalls Tweezer

Smalls Tweezer

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Unleash your precision and artistry with the Smalls Tweezer, a specialized tool designed for handmade volume lashes. Its wide tips offer exceptional control, while its flexible Japanese stainless steel construction ensures a dependable and comfortable grip.

Handmade Volume Excellence: The Smalls Tweezer is your key to mastering handmade volume lashes. It's a tool that elevates your artistry, ensuring you can create stunning lash sets with precision and ease.

Flexible and Lightweight: Crafted for comfort and control, this tweezer is both flexible and lightweight, offering a natural extension of your hand. It allows you to work with ease and grace, making every lash application a work of art.

Strong Grip: Achieve a complete close with added pressure, eliminating the need for a "sweet spot." The Smalls Tweezer is designed for lash artists who demand perfection and reliability in their work.

Elevate your lash artistry with the precision and control of the Smalls Tweezer. It's not just a tool; it's your partner in creating flawless, handcrafted volume lashes.

Add the Smalls Tweezer to your lash toolkit and experience the transformative difference it brings to your lash applications. Your clients will be captivated by the precision and beauty of your lash sets.

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