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Ashlynn Rae Lashes

.12 Lux Classic Eyelash Extensions

.12 Lux Classic Eyelash Extensions

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Elevate your craft with the .12 Faux Mink Luxury Classic Lash Extensions, where professionalism meets trendsetting beauty. At Ashlynn Rae Lashes, we are committed to providing professional lash artists with the finest quality lash extension products and supplies. Introducing our .12 Faux Mink Luxury Classic Lash Extensions - a testament to modern luxury and timeless beauty.  Our Classic Lash Extensions are all made by hand using premium material to give the most natural-looking and seamless blend. Create the ultimate luxury lash experience using our premium classic eyelash extensions.


Premium Craftsmanship: Crafted to perfection, our .12 Faux Mink Luxury Classic Lash Extensions are the epitome of precision and artistry. Each lash is created to maintain a consistent .12 diameter, ensuring a uniform and flawless application every time.

Feather-Light Comfort: Our lashes are astonishingly lightweight, allowing your clients to embrace their new, captivating lashes without discomfort.

Versatile: From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, our lash extensions offer endless customization options to cater to your client's unique style, making it perfect for any occasion.

Natural & Timeless: Achieve a timeless, natural finish that complements your client's eyes without appearing artificial. Ideal for everyday elegance and special events alike, our .12 Faux Mink Luxury Classic Lash Extensions enhance their natural beauty.

Premium Quality: Crafted from the highest quality faux mink materials, our extensions are gentle on your client's natural lashes while standing up to the rigors of daily wear.



  • Faux mink
  • Jet black 
  • Velvety sofy
  • 16 rows per tray
  • 100% Vegan
  • Cruelty free
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